This portable gas-powered generator is 17K Watts and has electric start, which is convenient and fast.


It has a two year warranty and is made in America. (Always a huge selling point for me.)

You can get an entry-level standby generator in this price range, but if you want the portability this unit is a very good choice.

You can run just about anything you need with the Generac 5735:

The most heavy-duty of Generac’s GP model generators, the Generac 17,500-Watt Generator with Electric Start supplies 17,500 output watts and 26,250 maximum watts (for start-up of devices). It has an A/C voltage of 120/240 and a frequency of 60 hertz.

For unexpected blackouts, this is enough wattage to run home appliances such as security systems, computers, and electric stoves, as well as air conditioning systems and sump pumps. (A manual transfer switch is required to connect to air conditioning systems.) For construction and landscaping applications, it’s enough to support large devices such as lawn mowers, belt sanders, and table saws. And for camping and outdoor events, it can run portable stereos, outdoor lights, and electric grills.

Customer reviews are good for this unit:

This unit will run my entire house, including a 5 ton air conditioner. I have an interlock kit installed, and the unit hooks through the 50 amp outlet. I have used the generator to power my house twice, with no restrictions from normal living (except that time I was in the shower when it ran out of gas!).

The unit is loud, but not much more than a riding lawnmower. It will use a lot of gas if you need to run it for multiple days (burns 1.6 gallon per hour at 50% load). It does get better fuel usage at lower loads, but I don’t have exact figures.