Home Generator Reviews has selected the Generac 5871 standby generator as one of the top five standby generators for home use. At 10,000 Watts, it will power your basic necessities and then some, without having to constantly juggle power on and off with various appliances and electronics. For well under $3,000 (on Amazon right now), you get a state of the art generator that will give you peace of mind. Standby generators save you from the hassle and expense of all the mishaps that can occur if the power goes out when you aren’t home: burst pipes, spoiled food, etc. A standby generator like the Generac 5871 will have your home covered, even if you’re away.

Home Generator Reviews’ key features of the Generac 5871 standby generator:

  • Runs on liquid propane or natural gas
  • CARB compliant (for California residents)
  • Hands-free operation
  • Includes transfer switch
  • Quiet operation
  • Powers sensitive electronic devices worry-free
  • Made in U.S.A.


The way it works is: during installation, your electrician will discuss your home’s power needs and priorities with you, and you’ll decide which circuits will receive the backup power from the generator n the event of an outage. You can send power to part of the house or to select circuits in different parts of the home. Once the power goes out, the transfer switch will connect your generator to your home’s circuits within seconds. Literally, only seconds after your home loses power, your standby generator will have you up and running again. Safe and comfortable. Once installed, the unit will perform its own weekly self-test according to the day and time you program.


Recent home generator reviews of the Generac 5871:

We just got through hurricane Irene – we were without power for 3 days. The past 3 days (ran continuously for 50 hours) it earned its keep.
Impressive efficient fuel usage.

Keep in mind to limit how much load is put on. We had 2 fridges
some lights, and computer system (needed to work from the house).

Keep up the good work Generac.

The construction of the unit is very well done. Its robust and has a bunch of insulation/sound dampening material.

The engine has a feature called full pressure lubrication which extends engine life and allows the product to have a longer maintenance interval. I like that because it means lower maintenance costs.

In March, there was a three hour outage, and the generator started, transferred, supplied power, transferred back, and shut down without incident.
I am completely satisfied with the performance of this generator so far.