One of Home Generator Reviews’ top 5 standby generators is the Generac Guardian Series 5873. Generac standby generators are recognized as the top of the line for their reliability, ease of use, quiet operation, and state of the art technology. With a standby generator, you will have a worry-free unit that will jump into action on its own when your home loses power. Within seconds, the Generac 5873 will be up and running, even if your home loses power while you’re not home.

These are some of the best features of the Generac Guardian Series 5873 17,000 Watt generator:

  • Runs on propane or natural gas
  • CARB compliant (CARB compliant means the generator is approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) a government agency in the state of California.)
  • No manual start required
  • No extension cords
  • Corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Transfer switch included
  • Automatic self-test
  • Quiet operation

Home Generator Reviews highly recommends purchasing a standby generator that can generate enough power to keep your home up and running comfortably, without having to take turns powering powering different appliances as you would with a small portable generator. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of extension cords, because this generator will be wired right in to your home’s circuits via a transfer switch. The transfer switch is included with the purchase of the Generac 5873.

Home Generator Reviews from recent purchasers of the 5875:

this unit ran our house, kept the lights, refrigerator, 2 freezers, and heat pumps running without a hickup. Now it does bog down a bit when the starting amp draw of one of the heat pumps kicks in, but that is the be expected unless you put in a huge unit with a great deal of reserve power.

AND, when the grid power came back on…… shut itself down automatically.

We could not be more pleased……..and I think that several of our neighbors will be installing one soon……I know that one of them has his on order already. This is a great investment!

Last week, as the outside temperature was on its way down to 21 degrees (very cold for Houston), our power went out which means we would have lost our heating even though we have natural gas as the blower is electric. It was very comforting to hear the generator start and all of the lights and power restored after the 8 second wait!

I bought a Generac 13KW about 6 years ago.It runs great,I’ve never had a problem and got free shipping at the time.I do take care of it,service it when it needs it and make sure it exercises every week.The best thing about this generator is that my sister in law ( the,ahem,smart one) came to visit on my birthday several years ago and informed me I was a wasteful idiot for buying an automatic generator as “the power never goes out”.That day,the power went out while she and my wife were preparing dinner and stayed out for nearly 10 hours.