Honda EU2000i – 1600 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review


If you are interested in a small, lightweight and portable generator for your domestic or camping needs, then the Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator will suit your needs!


What is the power output of the Honda EU2000i?

This little Honda generator outputs a very handy 1600 Watts of electricity in normal running mode, but is capable of providing a surge capacity of 2000 Watts to make sure that you can start up a high demand device, without causing an annoying fade out on the devices already running on the generator.  Whilst this is sufficient power for most travelling and domestic uses, you can always use more power, right?  Well this Honda EU2000i can be connected in parallel with another Honda generator and used to deliverd twice the power to meet the most demanding loads!


Honda EU200i Generator Features:

All this power in such a neat little package!  One of the most impressive features of the Honda EU2000i is that it comes in such a neat little package.  Weighing in at only 47 pounds, you can easily pick this little beauty up by yourself and carry it around with no problems at all.  Mind you, it is sometimes easy to overlook how powerful this generator is.  The ‘Eco-Throttle™’ automatically adjusts the engine speed for optimal performance, and allows power output for more than 9 hours on one gallon of fuel.  The built in microprocessor by Honda Advanced Inverter Technology controls the output of electricity in a clean and stable power supply to allow you to safely operate all your sensitive electronic devices.  Electricity is delivered at a rating of 13 Amps, 120 Volt 60 Hertz Alternating Current (AC).  On top of that, the Honda also provides a 12 Volt Direct Current (DC) outlet which is sufficient for charging all your 12 Volt batteries in your car, truck, van, bikes or boat.


Additional Safety Features of the Portable Honda Generator

Yet another notable feature is the whisper quiet operation.  Via a two tiered noise dampening system designed by Honda, this generator operates between 53 and 59 dBA depending on power demand load.  This is super quiet operation by generator standards and is ideal for camping and traveling.  Additionally, the muffler is designed to eliminate sparks, which makes it safe to operate in fire danger conditions.  On top of all this, the generator meets US emission regulations, so it is user friendly and environmentally friendly.



As we mentioned earlier, although this device weighs in a measly 47 pounds, it still manages to output a very useful 1600 Watts of electrical energy.  Put that with another Honda unit for parallel output, and you are really talking some serious power.  Nicknamed one-pull Charlie, the Honda EU2000i starts easily first time every time!

This is no exaggeration – in fact the one I tried hadn’t been started in some time, and I really couldn’t believe how light and easy the pull was.  Even more surprising was that it was actually running after just  one pull – this little beauty was sold on me straight away.  Even when the little Honda generator was idling away, it was so quiet and smooth that I didn’t even realize at first that it was actually running.  This is nothing in comparison with the old style generators that I was familiar with, and I really believe that this little unit can keep you in touch with the great outdoors, rather than shattering the peace for you and all your neighbors!